Areas of expertise

Your project realized by Prins Group from A to Z

The “Group” in our name is not meaningless; we bundle together all the expertise and skills involved in the construction of greenhouse projects. Commitment is assured anywhere in the world. As an internationally experienced greenhouse builder, we know the conditions present in each country. And as a flexible partner with which to collaborate, we offer you the best possible construction in order to get your project off the ground.

Just blueprints?

Do you see Prins Group as a reliable partner in the preparation of your project up to and including the engineering phase? You then have the possibility of taking over the construction based on the best possible blueprints.

A supervisor?

Step two involves the construction of the project under your own management with supervision and guidance from Prins Group In this case, you can always fall back on an experienced specialist, familiar with all the ins and outs of greenhouse construction. Plans and responsibilities can be delegated. You have only one contact person.

Or have everything done for you?

Would you rather not have to worry at all about the construction? Prins Group’s construction teams are able to complete projects all around the world. Your project is perfectly coordinated and reliably organized. There will be no possible doubt about the integration of greenhouse and systems. Plans are fixed. For the professionals at Prins Group, this is routine work. For you, it is an entire load off your mind.