Maintenance and repair

Keep your greenhouse in top condition with professional maintenance and repair

Your greenhouse will have to cope with the effects of weather. And technical systems contain moving parts, subject to wear. Whether for a few hours or - worse yet - a day, a greenhouse company can no longer tolerate any shut-downs. Maximum security with regard to business continuity therefore begins with proper maintenance. Prins Group is also the ideal partner to keep your greenhouse and associated systems in the best possible condition. This will lengthen their life expectancy as well.

Maintenance efficiency

With efficient maintenance techniques, we can give each element the attention it deserves. Even if you have your own technical specialists able to assume responsibility for maintenance, we can assist your with practical advice.

Appropriate response to breakdowns

Have you already experienced a breakdown? Or is something in need of repair? We are ready to be of service - anywhere in the world. Thanks to modern means of communication, remote control may provide a sufficient solution to many issues. If not, then one of our specialists will step into a car or board an airplane. Dealers and agents are also available in other countries to provide proper service. Your own technical employees can always telephone us for support.