Horticultural Business School

The Horticultural Business School – making the world smarter by sharing Dutch expertise

When it comes to horticulture, the Netherlands possesses more expertise than any other country in the world. This knowledge can be put to good use to help solve the global food problem among other things. This is one of the ideas behind the Horticultural Business School (HBS), which involves close collaboration between prominent Dutch horticulture suppliers. The aim is to educate and train horticulture workers all over the world so the companies they work for become more productive.

The Horticultural Business School is an initiative that harnesses the combined strengths of Stolze Installatietechniek, Royal Pride Holland and Prins Group. Collaboration is central to our mission: we at Prins Group want to play an active role in transferring knowledge and skills. Through HBS investors and government agencies in countries that want to develop their horticulture sectors have access to the latest knowhow and can use it to add value to the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, flowers plants and trees.

The Horticultural Business School adopts a practical and realistic approach. The advanced horticultural technology generally used in the Netherlands is not always available elsewhere in the world. So we always work with locally available equipment and resources. We teach horticulture workers how to make better use of these systems and technologies. This helps them increase their productivity, improve product quality and enhance the logistics performance of the companies they work for.


The Horticultural Business School offers three standard programmes and can also create specially designed training programmes in consultation with the client. That way every company receives the guidance it needs.

Advice on investment

As well as transferring knowledge, the partners involved in the Horticultural Business School also advise companies on the most suitable locally available operating assets and how to invest in these assets. By making Dutch expertise available worldwide, we help to improve productivity and product quality.

You can find more information about the Horticultural Business School on our website, www.horticulturalbusinessschool.nl.